Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back to normal????!!! Maybe not....

My son put a cartoon on his blog this morning - referencing me and how addictive I have become to blogging - as seen on my other site. I have been blogging since Dec. 2005 and basically made cursory once or twice a week entries. But alas, this political season has seen a more rampant posting. But not on this site.

I feel like this kitty in the bowl now - and I have to come out and alive! Just thinking that Thanksgiving is three weeks from tomorrow and then 4 weeks till Christmas makes my heart speed up. I am so not ready for either, and heaven knows, financially Christmas scares me. My paltry pension just does not go far enough. My physical health is not what it used to be, and finding employment that is conducive to each and every problem is tough...Rats, I'll think about that later.

The grandson is keeping me busy with homework assistance right now - so I will try to come up with something for later.

Till then....

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