Friday, January 28, 2011

Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten

My name is Carrie I am the ungrateful daughter who sleeps all the time. First of all I want to say I am glad that I did not know anything about this blog until recently even though it hurt even more reading it now.

I am sorry to say that the day my mother posted last, she suffered her 9th heart attack. From that point on I took care of her and also had her life flighted to Ohio State University Hospital where they almost lost her. After being on a vent for a week and coming back to us, I brought her home. From that point on she continued to go down hill. She went through several prcedures including stents and the placement of pace maker/defibrilator. Nothing helped. At random times, all lf which I was home with her and my son, she would say she didn't feel good. Not even 10 minutes later she was so full of fluid 911 almost couldn't help. They managed to bring her back 3 times. I bathed her, changed her, cleaned her when she had an accident, and she was embarrassed. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I love my mother and I took care of her until she passed away in mine and my brothers arms, July 3, 2010. It was a tough battle but she is at peace now. I hope all of you who follow her know. I understand your opinions, and I saw what she wrote about me but that will never change how badly I am lost without her, and how much I love her and I would take care of her all over again just to have her back.

My mother is gone but will never be forgotten. I am leaving her Facebook up because I can't part with her and neither can some of her friends. You are welcome to visit.