Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A weather-changing day...

No sunshine, comfortably warm (74 deg.), rain and cold moving in by this afternoon, early evening. Lovely.

I have a client (new) coming this afternoon, to have her and her husbands 2007 tax returns filed. They haven't filed for quite some time as they are retired - but after talking to her on the phone several months ago - it appears she should probably have filed in prior years. But my task today, is just the one return. Nothing like waiting till the last day of extensions (and to get her stimulus check) to get it prepared.

This is me everyday - what to fix for dinner? (It definitely won't be a baby!) But my grandson is the most picky eater - his mothers fault - and needs to try more and different foods. Give him chicken nuggets and fries and he is a happy camper.

This blog site is still being thought out. I'm not sure where I want to go with it and all that happy shit - still thinking.

Till then...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Therapy has been futile...

I gave up on the physical therapy. For one thing, it really hasn't changed a thing after 3 continuous weeks, when they said I should see some change within a week. Now I am waiting to see how much my "out of pocket" expenses are going to be. I am still fighting with the insurance company - they didn't pay one cent for the ER visit - and that is $200. I just won't pay it - big hairy deal.

The weather is lovely - about 80 degrees and sunny. I saw a long term forecast, and it seems the daily temps will be in the 40's by the end of this month - that does not make me a happy camper.

I wanted so bad to go see Joe Biden tomorrow, but I'm not happy with babysitters available to watch my grandson for a short time. this political quagmire is taking it's toll on my nerves and my life. I am eating, breathing and sleeping POLITICS. It drives my daughter nuts at times - but so be it! Three more weeks and it will all be over. Now, if McCain/Palin happen to pull this out of the proverbial "bag", I will be making plans to move to Canada or Mexico. Having Palin anywhere near Washington politics is such a scary thought!

I have some things to take care of so have a good day!

Till then.....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm Thinking of making this something different!

I am not sure where to go with this yet, but since I have been so political on my regular site...this may be just a getaway for me. Or I could also put some political points on here too - why not? What's to stop me? I'm over 21 and not afraid!

I do more than my share of the cleaning, as a matter of fact I think I do 98% of all the tedious jobs around here. Begging and beseeching to get help doesn't seem to work - that's for sure.

When I first saw this picture, I kept thinking of Slyght (theson) and when he was in Ireland - his biggest thrill was the Guinness factory - must be the Irish side of the genes he got from me. that is not to insinuate that he looks anything lie a squirrel. That would be very mean and cruel - he is more like a....nah! no clue!

I am going to try and jazz this site a little - see what happens. I shall return!