Sunday, May 24, 2009


If my daughter ever finds this ass is grass. School is almost out for the summer, and my "babysitting" chores will be non-stop. Don't get me wrong, I love my grandson more than anything in the world...but!

When my best friend was alive, we did so many spontaneous things, go to dinner, a movie, shopping, whatever. Since her passing in October of '07 - I have had no life at all. I will never have another friend like her...period. We fought, argued, loved and adored - just like sisters. Now my life is tending to my grandson while his mother is either at work or asleep.

My daughter has no clue (honestly) how hard it is to make it on her own. If she didn't have me, she would be spending some serious bucks on child care and she would have to learn that because she works an 8 hour a day job - she doesn't deserve 10-12 hours sleep, foregoing time with her son.

When the daughter is on her way to work, at work and on the way home, she always finds reasons to call me on her cell with the most trivial and mundane. I will get text messages constantly about what is going on at work or whatever she may be thinking...I really don't want to be bothered. If she forgets something at home - she wants me to drive over to work and bring her said item.

This morning she left home without her pain meds, and wanted to know if I could drop them off when I left for my picnic. I said no. She has to learn responsibility - she is 29 for heaven's sake.

I was invited to a great friend's house for a picnic today - and to be honest - it will be mostly adults. Actually, I don't think there will be any kids at all. I explained that to my friend, and of course he said to bring the grandson - he would take him on the four-wheeler and down to the pond, maybe even teach him how to throw a line in to fish. This is really nice, but I don't want to take away from the adult part of the get-together.

I have made my pasta salad, charged the grandsons PS2 and DVD player, and he has his coloring materials. Hopefully this will keep him occupied. In all honesty, he is really great at entertaining himself - so for the 3-4 hours we will be there - all should be good.

I just wanted to bitch a little today - I need a break. Knowing I need that break is good, but I have no one to spend time with having fun - like I used to.

Thanks for listening to my grouse and grumble session. TTFN.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I have often bragged and blogged about my 8 year old grandson. He is a normal 8 year old - runs, plays, rides bikes, video games, blah, blah, blah. We have never had any significant behavior problems either.

Till yesterday. I get a phone call from the assistant principal of his elementary school - whom I know well as he graduated high school with my daughter. Apparently, there was cause to call the 8 year old into the office for disciplinary reasons.

On Wednesday, while on the school bus, another child kept calling Colton a "baby", and it appears that when he had enough - he made the statement - "I'm going to get a rifle and blow your head off." Ruh-roh - he's 8 years old and we have never discussed "zero tolerance."

To set everything straight - he has never owned a toy gun, we don't have any guns, and he has never ever made a threat such as that. So I chalk it up to him wanting to act "bullish" in order to stand up for himself.

I don't condone the comment - and the school has "sentenced" him to detention during recess for the remainder of the school year - 15 more days. The assistant principal knows this child and acknowledges that there has never been any behavior problems in the past - and he feels the issue should be it appears that the parents of the other child want to file police charges. WTF?!?! this is where I have a definite problem with the "zero tolerance" mentality.

If police charges are warranted, there is no one in my generation that would not have a police record. Of course, when I was growing up we didn't have all these rules and regulations to conform to. there was "right" and there was "wrong." Back then, WRONG guaranteed your ass got blistered at school and once again upon arriving home.

I only know the first name of this offended child and have no way of contacting the parents to try and assuage the situation. But...I do know everyone at the police department and they know me and my grandson, so I should get a heads up if anything actually develops in that area.

Oh and YES, the grandson is suffering through some severe punishment at home for at least a month. No bike, no video games, no playing with the neighbors and he has a new list of chores.

I have explained what this ZT rule is all about, and I think he has a simplistic comprehension now. He also now knows that everything he says or does on the school bus is video/sound recorded.

Thedaughter (mother of child) did not handle this situation well, as she never handles anything well. She is notorious for flying off the handle, and I tried to placate her a little - with very little satisfaction.

We will see what delops here, but as far as I am concerned, the matter is being dealt with appropriately.

Have a great day!