Thursday, August 27, 2009


As usual, I go to do the laundry, and by the time I'm ready to place the newly washed clothes in the dryer - the damn dryer has clothes still residing there. Damn!!! I feel like the servant of the house. I do the cooking (mostly), all the laundry, clean - which includes all the menial tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, re-arranging, decluttering, etc. So much for semi-retirement.

I'm not saying I deserve an y medals - because the chores need to be done, but a little help would be welcome. When I ask for help or "suggest" something needs done, I get the same retort, "let it go and I will get it later!" Hell no.

When I want something done, I prefer to have it done relatively soon, not when the mood swings a person. Unfortunately, I must have done something wrong in raising my daughter. Reminding her that her bed sheets need washed - well you'd think I asked for a pint of blood.

Yesterday, I did a minor yard task - and she jumps all over me for not waiting for her to get the job done. That is so not happening. Of course, if I state that I am sore from doing some deed - I get the "I told you so" smug remark. I'm reaching a breaking point.

I am doing absolutely nothing today - not that there aren't things to be done - oops, guess I am doing something (laundry). But nothing else.

I'm terrible, I see so much that needs to be done and the reality that physically I cannot do it all, sets in. In my mind I can whip the world - till the world hits me in the face with a reality check.

OK - got that off my chest. The grandson will be home soon, so it will be time for homework and such.

Sorry for the irregular posts here, but when I set it up - it is strictly a place for me to VENT!!!

Have a great day all - or whomever still drops by here! LOL