Monday, October 13, 2008

Therapy has been futile...

I gave up on the physical therapy. For one thing, it really hasn't changed a thing after 3 continuous weeks, when they said I should see some change within a week. Now I am waiting to see how much my "out of pocket" expenses are going to be. I am still fighting with the insurance company - they didn't pay one cent for the ER visit - and that is $200. I just won't pay it - big hairy deal.

The weather is lovely - about 80 degrees and sunny. I saw a long term forecast, and it seems the daily temps will be in the 40's by the end of this month - that does not make me a happy camper.

I wanted so bad to go see Joe Biden tomorrow, but I'm not happy with babysitters available to watch my grandson for a short time. this political quagmire is taking it's toll on my nerves and my life. I am eating, breathing and sleeping POLITICS. It drives my daughter nuts at times - but so be it! Three more weeks and it will all be over. Now, if McCain/Palin happen to pull this out of the proverbial "bag", I will be making plans to move to Canada or Mexico. Having Palin anywhere near Washington politics is such a scary thought!

I have some things to take care of so have a good day!

Till then.....

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