Sunday, February 8, 2009

I guess I need to vent a little also.

I started this blog to veer away from my regular site, mainly to vent. At the moment, I just read a fellow blogger's post and she is citing all the tasks she is responsible for within the home, not to mention her full-time outside job. It does get to be aggravating at times.

When my husband was alive and living in the home, he was worthless in assisting with most household chores or repairs. I stated many times that he was great at starting projects, but lousy at finishing any of them. He was also great at bitching about what was NOT done, in his alcoholic gravelly voice, but never found the words to praise the accomplishments. For most of those years, I too worked full time. At one point I worked two jobs to compensate for the wages he managed to drink away. It worked for me, I did succeed in getting my son through a fine college - and he never complained about the $50 I would give him a week for spending money - more if I could afford it. The smile on his face when I presented him with a nice used car, his second year of college was priceless. By that time, his father had moved in with his slut girlfriend and never sent a dime our way.

All that is beside the point. There is so much I need to have done right now and definitely not enough hours in the day. My daughter works mostly 3-11:30 pm shifts, and she is too tired to help or says she will "do it later" - I need a baseball bat!

Along with seeing that my clients are taken care of, I will get to the walls that need scrubbed, the carpets shampooed, the upstairs walls that need painted....and on and on.

I have reached a point where I have to tell myself that I physically can no longer do these tasks without help. But finances won't allow for that, and I am not one to ask either. Now I need to kick myself in the ass.

Basically, we women know that our job(s) is a thankless one, except for the ocassional notice..and not much will change, at least not in my life.

I feel better now. I have to go throw another load of clothes in the wash and finish the dishes. And the good thing...tomorrow is another day! I just need to get this off my chest for now - nothing will change but I feel a little better.

have a good weekend. I'll see ya when I see ya!


Utah Savage said...

I know I'm probably not supposed to be here, but even though I never had children of my own, I had a man who did have young children and they spent time with us. I always worked a full time job, I always did the grocery shopping since I was the one who left home in the morning and came home at night. Meal planning and cooking was my job. Laundry was my job, changing the bed, cleaning the house, and so on. And My job was to entertain and keep safe his children when they stayed with us.

He used to look at me and say, "You don't look happy." If I told him why I looked unhappy he would say, "I won't argue about dishes!"

Now I live alone and I still bitch about having all the work to do, but unless I do it here no one knows how much I hate actually working at anything but writing. And even there, I'm lazy. Maybe it was all those years of doing it all.

Mom's Fortress of Solitude said...

A thankless job, indeed! You have every right to vent, and I'm so glad you did so.

Husbands are completely useless around the house, unless they're one of those rare breeds who actually give a @**! about their wives and the feelings within.

You should read my "Motherhood in Overdrive, parts 1 and 2" for a good laugh from someone who can soooooooooo empathize.