Saturday, January 17, 2009

Anger moment hitting me....

Crazy as I am, I am having issues - labeled "anger" in the title, but more like frustration.

The doctor has told me NOT to do certain things, but if anything is to be done...I have to do it. I love my children, but having brought one daughter back into the house seven years ago - I have lost my privacy, not to mention a life.

My daughter likes to cook, no problem there..but clean-up is not her main talent. Letting pans soak for days is not beyond her. I end up doing the deed, and having her yell at me to "stop." Not happening.

Her laundry skills are limited to putting in washing machine, then dryer and that's it. Days later when she needs something, she will just turn on the dryer, hoping to release the wrinkles...but never folding the entire load. My routine is wash-dry-fold, and put away. Over and done with!!

I raised my kids, following my routines, but they adapt easier methods upon leaving home, it appears.

Yesterday, after many days of nagging, we got the final inside Christmas decorations put away. This was like "pulling teeth!" When the weather warms up - if ever - the outside lights, reindeer and flags will come down.

Thanks for letting me get this out of my system - beats screaming at the wall. Have a great weekend!


The Immortal Woman said...

There must have been a full moon, or a frustration moon. This weekend sucked.

3carnations said...

Our outside lights are still up. The worst part is that our lights hook into the socket that usually holds our porch light, so if we want an outside light, it has to be our blue and white snowflakes.

Sabrae Carter said...

Man that is why i just grin and bare it! lol

Lorrie Veasey said...

What?!? You mean the dishes don't wash THEMSELVES if you leave them in the sink?