Tuesday, November 17, 2009


....but I still need this site to vent. I love my daughter with all my heart, but her living with me is becoming exhausting.

I do 90% of all cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc... When I ask for help, it's like "I have a job and I'm going to sleep in on my days off!"

How the hell did I do it when I had a husband and young children AND A JOB??? that was exhausting also, but that was my responsibility. To come home from work, prepare a meal, see that homework is completed, school functions attended, then after they were asleep...on to the cleaning stuff. I never got as pissed then, but I am older now, and have a bad heart - but apparently this makes no difference.

She wakes up and gets her son off to school and is back in bed at 8 am, sleeping till eleven or noon possibly. That is when she works a 1 - 9:30 pm shift. If she works the 10 - 6:30 slot, she will go back to bed till 9 am, then rush her ass off getting out of here.

I get yelled at, when I do accomplish something, with the retort "I told you I would do that!" Well, her attitude towards time is much different than mine.

When I want something done, I want it done now...not days later, that just infuriates me. I see things that need to be done around the house, and some I can accomplish, some I need assistance.

The holidays are quickly coming and I need to organize some decorations "and stuff", but she sees no rush in all this. That is why I would love to decorate now for Christmas, so I can kick back, relax and enjoy. Starting after Thanksgiving, gives me so little time to enjoy. I have to note - I go all out for Christmas. It is my favorite holiday, and I have a Santa collection I love to exhibit and every nook and cranny becomes CHRISTMAS.

Well, that's off my chest, but solves nothing. As she went out the door a half hour ago, the sweeper was still out - guess I will finish that task too. Furniture moved for the vacuuming - so I will move that back as well.

I will get all this completed...and then I am going to put my "snowmen" out. My grandson will get home around 4 pm, do his homeowrk and then play outside till it gets dark, around 5:30 pm. Then I will get his dinner, see that his bath is taken, teeth brushed and get him up to bed at 8:30 - lights out at 9 pm. then I may, just possibly get to relax a wee bit.

I take complete blame for allowing my daughter to just cruise by in life. But she is going to have to realize sooner rather than later, work is involved in the home as well as in outside employment. Life sucks, but this is the reality.

Grumble, grumble, grumble...I'm just in a grousing mood at the moment, forgive me!

Take care and I'm sure I will return here to vent again! Thanks for listening. Thank heavens I have this site hidden. She may find it someday, but what the hell.........